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Why Christian Education?

The Christian School Difference

Christian schools serve as institutions of academic rigor and produce graduates who are the salt and light in their communities. Scofield Christian School is part of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), one of the largest Christian education associations in the world. According to ACSI:

  • Since 1974, ACSI schools have scored significantly higher than the national norm in every grade level on a national achievement test.

  • ACSI school graduates attend college at a significantly higher rate than the national average (86 percent compared to 68 percent).

  • ACSI school students read at least one grade level above the national average as measured on a national achievement test.

  • Graduates are significantly more likely to pray and read Scripture both alone and with family.

  • Graduates are more likely to attend church and donate significantly more money to their churches and religious/charitable causes overall.

  • Graduates prioritize having a close, personal relationship with God.

  • Graduates give more time to volunteer on mission trips and to contribute to relief work/aid work.

Source:  ACSI Schools: The Best Choice for Your Child