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Creating Beauty

It is the purpose of the Art Curriculum at Scofield Christian School to help students develop and use their creative, and God-given abilities for His glory and honor. Students will appreciate the self-expression of others as they realize that God has gifted individuals in varying ways. The curriculum will help students become aware of how individual expression can reflect inner thoughts, feelings, and abilities. Through exposure to various media, styles, and art experiences, students will gain a basic understanding of art as a whole and how it relates to his or her world. It is also our purpose that as Scofield Christian School students focus on the beauty of God's creative world, they will see God's power in His Creation and develop discernment in making wise choices in the area of art, both now and in later stages of their lives.

  • Enable students to appreciate the beauty that God, the Greatest Creator, has given to the world.

  • Help students to develop their God-given and creative abilities.

  • Allow students to experiment with different media, methods, and styles.

  • Assist students in learning basic and advanced skills in painting, drawing, printmaking, construction, modeling and sculpturing, stitching and weaving.

  • Assist students in developing discernment in making wise choices in art.

  • Enhance student appreciation of the works of their peers and the works of professional artists, both in the past, present and in the future.