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Bible Instruction

Learning the Bible

Scofield Christian School believes in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. As God’s Word, we believe it to be true and trustworthy; therefore, we believe that it deserves a place in the classroom as an integral core subject, while also providing content to be integrated into other disciplines.

It is the purpose of the Scofield Christian School Bible Curriculum to assist students in understanding Bible Truths and  Christian character development and to train students to skillfully handle and use the Word of God. Doctrine, character qualities and skills are integrated and applied through presentations of significant Scripture selections. Bible content is introduced sequentially using a variety of methods throughout every grade level. The curriculum will provide a framework for practical applications of God's Word in real-life situations. Scofield Christian School students use the Word of God daily and encouraged to become life-long learners of the Bible and followers of Jesus Christ.

  • encourage students in the development of Christian character qualities;
  • assist students in understanding Biblical Truth;
  • provide an understanding of the Bible as the Word of God which reveals God’s nature to mankind, relates historical events, and provides a standard for our choices as Christians;
  • help students to gain the skills needed to handle the Word of God skillfully;
  • encourage students to become life-long learners of Scripture;
  • and assist students in applying God's Word to real-life situations; and
  • encourage students to realize the importance of prayer.


Chapel is our collective worship time every Wednesday morning at 8:30. A different grade level leads the service every month. Parents are always welcome.

Missions Emphasis

The SCS Students’ Missions Committee helped raise funds for the Comido School in Kenya to help build a new classroom. Over $400 was raised for the Comido School