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Developing Computer Skills

The purpose of the Computer Curriculum at Scofield Christian School to help students learn computer concepts and to help in the development of computer skills in a way that integrates Biblical Truth with modern technology. Students will understand that God has created an orderly world and has given man the ability to invent and work with computers. Scofield students will be introduced to the practical ways a computer can enable one to do tasks more efficiently and orderly, therefore, obeying God's command to "redeem the time." Although students at Scofield Christian School will realize that computers are efficient tools, they will also realize that computers are not without limitations. Students will appreciate God alone as being limitless in ability.

  • Enable students to gain a fuller understanding of God as the limitless, all knowing, Creator.

  • Enhance student appreciation for the computer as an electronic tool which can help to fulfill God's command to "redeem the time".

  • Help students to understand how to use and care for the computer.

  • Encourage the development of skills necessary for effective keyboarding.

  • Assist students in using simple programming techniques.

  • Introduce students to a broad range of software products across the curriculum.

1:1 Computing at Scofield