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Elementary Philosophy for K-6th



The instructional program of the Christian school is the tool that shapes the hearts and minds of the students. The selection of curricula at SCS is from both secular and sacred publishers ensuring the best academic standards for all disciplines. Biblical truths are integrated into all academic subjects with the emphasis on spiritual formation. Our ultimate vision is for every student to realize his or her God-given potential while living a Christ-centered life.

A curriculum guide which includes a scope and sequence, objectives, resources, activities, Biblical correlation, assessments, and state and national standards is utilized by each faculty member to guide the instructional process. The curriculum guides are organized in nine-week periods and the school follows a prescribed curriculum review process. New instructional strategies are regularly discussed in staff meetings and taught or introduced in professional staff training. Faculty members are encouraged to use best practices, and instruction is differentiated to meet individual student needs.

First Grade with Mrs. Sargent

Third Grade with Mrs. Hatfield

Fourth Grade with Mrs. Mullins


All students have access to digital learning technology that promotes academic success.