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Language Arts/Reading

Mastering Words

The Language Arts curriculum of SCS incorporates the subjects of reading, grammar, writing, and spelling that develop a student’s comprehension and capacity for use of written and oral language. At Scofield Christian School, a traditional Language Arts approach is used. In K-2, Phonics is strongly emphasized through a basal curriculum. basic skills in composition, penmanship, spelling and grammar are developed. In second through sixth grade, literature and composition are integrated with Social Studies and Science content areas as much as is possible through the use of novel studies. Grammar, while still being taught as a separate subject, is developed in meaningful ways by writing throughout the content areas.

God gave man the capacity for language and chose to use language as a means of communicating His Word. Therefore, it is the purpose of the Language Arts Curriculum of Scofield Christian School to develop student skills in reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and listening in order for students to communicate more effectively. As students develop in these Language Arts subjects they will better understand the message in God’s Word and be able to communicate it to others more effectively. Teachers integrate Scriptural principles in all five of the Language Arts areas by drawing upon biblical examples of effective oral and written expression and by teaching students that the Bible reveals to us what is and isn’t appropriate communication.

  • recognize God as the Creator of man's ability to communicate;
  • recognize a Christian’s responsibility to communicate in ways that will reflect God’s character and works;
  • develop communication skills so that they may use these skills to strengthen their spiritual lives, as well as communicate their faith effectively with others;
  • skillfully use criteria found in the Bible when evaluating and discerning literature and speech;
  • develop vocabulary and comprehension skills in order that students derive meaning from written material across the curriculum;
  • develop effective language skills in order that individuals learn to communicate through speaking and writing;
  • exposure to good literature in order that it be a model for learning language and a source of personal enjoyment and appreciation;
  • develop an understanding that listening is essential for learning;
  • exposure to opportunities of public speaking so that they develop fluency in oral languages; and
  • develop neat and legible penmanship.

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Program is a computerized program that promotes reading comprehension. Students select books on their reading level, read independently, and take a digital comprehension test. Each book is worth a specified number of points. Students are rewarded at the end of each quarter based on how many points they have earned.

Class Novels

Click here to see a list of novels that our 4th-6th graders read in class.