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Mastering Numbers

The purpose of the Math Curriculum of Scofield Christian School is to help students develop an understanding and appreciation for the fact that God has given individuals the ability to solve problems, reason, and think critically. SCS students are assisted in learning mathematical concepts sequentially from the concrete to the abstract using manipulatives, concrete objects, group activities, individual work, drill, and written practice assignments. Students learn to skillfully and accurately apply the facts and processes associated with whole numbers, geometry, fractions, and decimals. As students become familiar with the basic concepts of time, money, and measurement they are encouraged to become good stewards of God's resources in everyday real-life situations.

The primary spiritual focus of the Math Curriculum of Scofield Christian School is to help students develop a deeper understanding of God’s person as seen through His creation of mathematics. Scofield students will discover that mathematics is a reflection of God’s character and as such is based on unchanging principles, universal application, orderly design, systematic structure, precision, dependability, and infinitude.


The Math Curriculum will:

•develop an awareness that God has given reasoning abilities to man as a gift to be used daily;

•develop an awareness that mathematics reveals important attributes of God: His sovereignty, His unchangeableness, His universality, His orderliness, His precision, His dependability, and His infinitude;

•assist students in developing skills in concepts of whole numbers, time, money, measurement, geometry, and fractions;

•assist students in gaining problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills;

•emphasize the use of computation skills in real life situations;

•help students gain attitudes and habits of good stewardship;

•assist students in becoming more accurate in math and other academic work; and

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Duke Talent Search

The Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP)  supports academically talented students in grades four through twelve.  Students qualify for the program by scoring at or above the 95th percentile on selected standardized tests.  75 percent or more of Scofield students qualify for this program.