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Making Music

The music program at Scofield Christian School is designed to provide elementary students with musical experiences that foster the development of knowledge and skills in a sequential manner from one grade level to the next. These developmental musical experiences are planned for the express purpose of helping each student to perceive music as a vehicle by which to express personally and collectively:

  • Praise and adoration of God the Father,

  • Faith in the saving work of God through the Lord Jesus Christ, and

  • God’s continuing provision for His children through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

It is the primary purpose of the Music Curriculum of Scofield Christian School to help students understand that music is God-given and ultimately to be used for His glory, honor, and praise. While developing music skills and music appreciation, students are afforded many opportunities to exercise and respond to God's gift of music. Students are encouraged in making musical decisions that are edifying, uplifting, and illustrate discernment. Students will be actively involved as they progress in their musical knowledge, musical skills, and musical attitudes. They will be taught how to listen discriminatingly to different styles of music and how to evaluate them on the basis of the elements of music. Students will be given a wide variety of performance opportunities that will include individual, choral and dramatic experiences. The program will give all students an appreciation of music as a discipline with its own unique sense of order and creativity. The ultimate goal is that each student will come to view music as a personal expression of joy and praise to God as a result of having attended Scofield Christian School.

  • Help students to acknowledge God as the Creator of music.

  • Assist students in understanding the Scriptural function of music.

  • Help students gain a knowledge of the elements of music.

  • Encourage students in the development of performance skills.

  • Enhance student appreciation and discernment of music selections.

  • Encourage student growth in worshipping and praising God through music.

Scenes from the Spring Musical