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Physical Education

Building Physical and spiritual health

The purpose of the Physical Education Curriculum of Scofield Christian School to assist students in realizing their God-given potential as it relates to physical achievement and fitness. Students will be led in activities that teach self-discipline, goal-setting, and the difference between play and athletic competition. Of primary importance is the students' realization that attitudes during physical training and play are to bring glory to God. Students will be challenged to think of physical fitness as a life-style.

  • Enhance student appreciation of the value in staying physically fit while engaging in a variety of fitness exercises.

  • Help students to acknowledge God as the Creator of the human body.

  • Encourage students to apply Godly attitudes when at play and in athletic competition.

  • Help students to develop motor skills which will assist in them in moving more skillfully.

  • Assist students in applying knowledge to fundamental and creative rhythmic activities, tumbling, and gymnastics.

P.E. is fun in so many ways!