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Preschool Philosophy

Scofield Preschool Philosophy

Scofield Christian School believes that children are a gift from God and a unique creation made in His image (Luke 18:16). Therefore, every child is an individual with his or her own rate of physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual maturation. The aim of Scofield Christian School Preschool is to provide a loving and nurturing Christian environment that will foster a love for God and learning. Because we believe early childhood is a critical time, we have established a program designed to meet the needs of young children and to promote their development both spiritually and academically.

Scofield Preschool teachers create and maintain an environment in which children may learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, with other children, and with materials. Since children learn most effectively through concrete materials and activities, the curriculum is designed to provide firsthand experiences in a variety of subject areas.

Key Indicators

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