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The teaching of science at Scofield Christian School is based upon belief that the Word of God is inerrant. It is in Genesis 1 that we are told that “God created the heaven and the earth”, making it habitable for mankind and other living organisms. The study of science, therefore, must involve study of the Bible, as well as observations of evidences found in nature. The teaching of science includes Biblical integration, experiments, textbook studies and a variety of activities. It is the purpose of the Scofield Christian School Science Curriculum to help students develop deep respect, appreciation, and attitudes of good stewardship for all of God's creation. The curriculum will heighten student awareness of God as the Creator of all things and lead students to see His attributes through His Creation. Since science is the systematic study of nature, based on observations, students are encouraged to use a scientific method of observation to solve problems and discover truths about the living and non-living things of the universe. Scofield Christian School students develop a sense of responsibility in caring for self and others as they realize to what extent God values human life.

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade are active participators while learning to investigate, question, and observe natural phenomenon and discover that methods, models, and conclusions built from investigations can change as new data is gathered. Students learn that science has limitations and cannot answer all questions, hence a need for further dependence upon God. Through the study of science at Scofield, students will: 1) develop self-discipline as they learn to be precise in observing and recording data, 2) see science as a tool to aid their understanding of God’s Word 3) learn how to combat evolutionism and humanism, and 4) have a foundation of scientific facts necessary for everyday life.

  • Affirm God as the Creator of all things.

  • Encourage students to be good stewards of all that God has created.

  • Assist students in realizing that good health habits need to be established because the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

  • Help students develop fluency in the language of science.

  • Expose students to the scientific method of observation.

  • Stress the importance of precise recording of scientific data.

  • Help to develop an understanding of the way living and non-living things function together in harmony and balance.

  • Gain an awareness of living things, their characteristics and qualities, and understand that God is faithful to sustain all that He has created.

  • Gain an awareness of matter and energy and recognize God’s omniscience, immutability, omnipotence, and omnipresence reflected in both.

  • Encourage students to acknowledge God’s omnipotence and sovereignty as they study the earth, space, and weather.

  • Assist students in gaining an understanding of the observational skills and tools God has given man.

Acsi Science Fair

The 2017 participants received Superior Ratings, placing 1st in Life Science and 2nd in Physical Science.

FIRST Lego League

Scofield students in 4th-6th grade may participate in FIRST Lego League.