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Fifth Grade

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Preparing for junior high school at Scofield is accomplished in sixth grade with academically challenging coursework, study, and organization skills. "Honorable Character" and "Honoring the Lord in everything we do, say, and think" is the spiritual focus of the 5th graders at Scofield Christian School. Students are spiritually encouraged daily through Bible class, weekly Bible verse memorization, and Wednesday chapel time. Scofield 5th graders are challenged to be godly student leaders through multiple opportunities: chapel leadership for a month, student missions committee, Operation Christmas Child Gift Boxes, musical events such as Veteran's Day Chapel, Christmas Musical, and Spring Musical, as well as daily classroom activities and opportunities.
Scofield 5th Grade students enjoy learning about the Old Testament and connect the Biblical timeline and Bible characters with the Old-World History curriculum, which focuses on the eastern hemisphere and Christianity's history. The 5th Grade literature studies continue the Old World theme with four novels, and the Discovery Days of "Bedouin Feast," "English Tea," "Mediterranean Feast," "Medieval Times," "African Feast," and "Wycliffe International Museum of Cultures" field trip. These special events allow students the opportunity to participate in activities themed around several world cultures. 
The Language Arts curriculum allows the students to use their knowledge of grammar and proper sentence structure to writing the following: personal narrative, book review, compare and contrast essay, poetry, persuasive letter, a play, and a research paper. 
The science curriculum allows students to view God's design of nature through the lens of the truth of God's Word. Students participate in the Scofield Science Fair, including writing a research paper, conducting a science investigation using the scientific method, and collecting and presenting data and results through a display board and oral presentation. The 5th graders will experience a "Sky Ranch" outdoor education program either in 5th or 6th grade. It is a wonderful opportunity to do larger-scale science activities, team building, and history lessons in God's beautiful scenery of east Texas.
The 5th graders enjoy the learning opportunities of the following specials classes: Art, Music, Technology, Spanish, and daily Physical Education class, as well as participating in ACSI competitions: Speech Meet, Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Science Fair, Choir Festival, and Art Festival. 

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