First Grade

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Our primary goal for first graders is to develop a strong reading and mathematics foundation for each child. The first-grade program at Scofield provides the framework for our children to develop the love of reading and writing and apply mathematical concepts to real-life problems. The students stay busy with cooperative projects and activities that promote multi-sensory learning, and they revel in their independence and growing skills. Science and social studies provide the students the opportunities to explore their world and the environment. First graders attend weekly classes taught by specialist teachers, including Art, Music, Library, Technology, Spanish, Science, and Physical Education. 


First graders are encouraged to be respectful and responsible friends, and we continuously reinforce character traits through our Honorable Character program.


Discovery Days and traditions for first graders include learning about America's discovery that culminates with a Thanksgiving Feast and a week in the spring semester of Colonial Village. Classrooms are turned into a village from colonial times, and learning occurs as they re-enact what it is like to live and learn during that period in our nation's history. Colonial Village week is one of the student's favorite events during their entire education at Scofield. Relevant field trips are scheduled throughout the year and a community service event that includes visiting residents at a local assisted-living facility at Christmas time.