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PTF Board

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)


Our PTF comprises hard-working parents and teachers who pool their talents together to provide practical support and fun events for our school.

We encourage you to get involved and make a difference in your child's school. If you are interested in a board position or feel like you can help in an area needing support on a committee, please contact Click here to see a description of each PTF position.

The list of current PTF Board members is below:

2019 - 2020 OFFICERS

Carrie Satterfield
1st VP Programs/Parent Education
Kelli Brizzolara
2nd VP Membership
Megan Gaines
3rd VP Budget/Finance
Angel Cooley
4th VP Social
Leslie Loper
5th VP Communications
Rebecca Sodek
Kelli Atkins
Julie Bovenkamp

2019 - 2020 Committee chairs

Programs/Parents Education
Auction Committee Representative - Leslie Loper
Beautification/Environment/Grounds Chair 
Dad's Club Chair/Co-Chair - Brett Bates/Beth Schoen
Events for Dads/Moms Chair - Susan Fairchild
Teacher Appreciation Committee Chair - Sandra Watts
Teacher Appreciation Committee Member - Lygia Waters
Teacher Appreciation Committee Member 
Family Socials Chair - Crystal Kolendo
Hospitality Committee Chair - Susan Fairchild
Hospitality Committee Member - Lygia Waters
Hospitality Committee Member 
New Family Liaison - Catherine Rhoades
Parents in Prayer - Gennie Turner
Preschool Liaison Committee Chair - Catherine Rhoades
Preschool Liaison Committee Member 
Clothes Closet Chair - Rebecca Sodek
School Supply Chair - Susan Fairchild
Supplemental Fundraiser Committee Chair
Supplemental Fundraiser Committee Member 
Supplemental Fundraiser Committee Member 
Fall Festival Committee Chair - Leslie Loper
Fall Festival Committee Member 
Fall Festival Committee Member 
Spirit Chair - Angel Cooley
Veterans Day Breakfast Committee Chair - Lacy McGough
Veterans Day Breakfast Committee Member 
Room Representative Chair - Kelli Brizzolara
Community Partners Chair - Anne Moses
Community Partners Committee Member - Kelli Atkins
Community Partners Committee Member 
Head of School - Dr. Traci Tucker
Teacher Representative: pending
Teacher Representative: pending