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Giving to Scofield

At Scofield Christian School, our students' education is most successful when the family, school, and community work together. As a Christian school, Scofield pledges to our families and community that fulfilling Scofield Christian School's mission will always be our priority. We hope that you recognize how the school mission is fulfilled each day in each child and that you value and loyally support our mission with pride.

Your investment supports our students and faculty by providing outstanding educational opportunities and life-altering experiences. These opportunities happen when our students' academic experiences challenge their potential, when their participation in extracurricular activities increases their leading with confidence, and when service projects for the community open their minds and heart to the care and concern of others. These are the moments that let you know your investment has made a difference.

For 60 years, the strength of Scofield has always been this community's commitment to educating our students. Our teachers have inspired Scofield students, trained their minds, strengthened their character, and prepared them for a lifetime of leading, learning, and knowing the love of Christ. With your donation to Scofield, you are contributing to growing confident scholars, citizens, and leaders. Thank you for investing in Scofield.

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