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Music & Drama

The music program at Scofield Christian School is designed to provide our students with musical experiences that sequentially foster knowledge and skills from one grade level to the next. These developmental musical experiences help each student perceive music as a vehicle to express themselves personally and show praise and adoration of God through music.


All students attend Music weekly.

Students are given various performance opportunities that include individual, choral, and dramatic experiences across multiple school performances throughout the year. Our music program allows Scofield students to develop a level of confidence in themselves through memorization and performance in front of a live, and rather large, Scofield family audience. 

The annual performances are Veterans Day/Grandparent's Day Chapel, the Christmas program, and the spring musical. All Scofield students, even the littlest ones, play a large role in each of our school performances. Family, friends, and Scofield alumni are invited to attend each event.

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