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Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

Be a volunteer for our parent association! - SCS Parent Teacher Fellowship!


PTF organizes both fundraising events and social events for our school community throughout the school year. Parents choose what kind of commitment works best for them, whether it's volunteering once a month, helping for an hour at our annual Fall Festival or a larger role on the PTF board.

There are many opportunities (including opportunities for working parents), and we could use your talents and time to make this year successful!




Membership in the PTF is automatic with school enrollment and includes all teachers, parents, or guardians of students at Scofield Christian School. Together, we work diligently to accomplish our school's objective of impacting students for Christ, so they will, in turn, impact their homes, churches, and communities.


Thanks to our parent community, the Parent Teacher Fellowship is able to contribute funds back to the school and provide fun events for our students and their families and support our faculty and staff. With the help of our loyal community and parents, we are able to support the following that annual tuition and fees do not cover.


  • Special Programs

  • Facility Enhancements

  • Technology Upgrades

  • Staff Development & Appreciation

  • Classroom Support

  • Annual Fund

  • School Community Events

  • and much more!


Scofield Christian School Parent Teacher Fellowship Board 2022-2023

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