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Pre-K teacher with student at Scofield C

Scofield Christian School is located in the heart of Lake Highlands in Dallas, TX, and has been preparing our youngest students both academically and spiritually for over 60 years. Our Pre-Kindergarten program (also known as preschool) includes Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, and an optional Transitional Kindergarten program for children who need the gift of time to develop more fully before Kindergarten.

Children can enter the Pre-K 3 program if they are three years old by September 1 and are fully potty trained. Most of our Pre-K 3 students go on to the Pre-K 4 program the following year, but new students may be admitted if they are four years old by September 1.  At four years old, students will be assessed by a lead preschool teacher to determine placement in Pre-K 4 or possibly Transitional Kindergarten (TK). 

During the Pre-Kindergarten school years, we create a supportive and fun-filled classroom learning environment where our teachers nurture and guide each child and their emerging capabilities. Our exemplary curriculum allows for hands-on learning and creative play, essential elements to help each child develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Students participate in our co-curricular program with weekly Art and Music taught by Specials teachers who come to each classroom with their fun, interactive lessons. Beginning in Pre-K4 our students use iPads in teacher-led small groups once or twice a week. All our pre-schoolers enjoy participating in singing performances during our Veteran's Day Chapel, Christmas Program, and Spring Musical. Pre-K 3 students begin attending our weekly chapel service during the spring semester and are helping lead the chapel service with singing and speaking parts for one month during their year in Pre-K 4. 

Are you ready to give your child an academic and spiritual foundation that will not only prepare them for their kindergarten and elementary school years but for the rest of life? Contact Scofield Christian School in Dallas, TX, and ask about our private Pre-Kindergarten admissions. Our phone number is 214-349-6843 or you can email for more information.

After School Care is available to all students, including Pre-Kindergarten.

Pre-K in Dallas

Scofield Christian School has had an active

for over 60 years

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