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Private Piano Lessons

Scofield Christian School offers the opportunity for students to take private piano lessons during the school day. When playing the piano, one not only develops a skill that becomes a life-long source of pleasure, but it has many other benefits as well.


Coordination - Manual dexterity and good hand-eye-ear coordination are skills that transfer to all other activities. 


Concentration - A child playing a piece on the piano must keep track of what note comes next, which finger to use, which keys to play together, when to release a key, how to strike and release the key, pedal technique, posture, etc. These things are learned one step at a time, which then builds into tremendous skills and ability to learn. Thus, helping to improve verbal, written, and math skills. 


Confidence - A child who has mastered playing the piano – a skill many adults do not have – feels confident that he can do anything. 


Achievement - Because piano is approached step by step, it provides the learning tools necessary to master other skills as well. The child “learns to learn.” 


Piano lessons are available to Kindergarten through 6th-grade students. Lessons are privately scheduled and take place before school, during lunch, recess, or PE. 

Based on individual interests and skill levels, students will perform during Chapel at Scofield, at Christmas time at a local mall, at various festivals hosted by Richardson Music Teachers Association, and at a major recital in May.


Please contact the school office for more information on the cost and registration of private piano lessons  

Scofield Christian School offers

Private Piano Lessons

during school hours.

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