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Sixth Grade

The sixth graders at Scofield Christian School focus on leadership, responsibility, and teamwork. As the students prepare for junior high, they are given opportunities to grow in gaining ownership of their education. They use planners to keep track of their assignments; they are each issued a locker to manage their materials, and they are granted a variety of leadership opportunities throughout the year. The fifth and sixth graders take a three-day/two-night trip to Sky Ranch to focus on team building. They work through challenges and support each other through a high-ropes course, zipline adventure, and cattle drive!

The sixth graders mainly study the New Testament during the school year while consistently making connections to the Old Testament. Sixth graders produce several writing pieces, including personal narratives, research papers that support their Science fair projects, and newspaper editorials. The sixth graders advance their math skills in number and operations, problem-solving, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability. They focus on the New World in History and Geography. They study Canada and the United States while memorizing several important documents such as The American’s Creed, a portion of The Declaration of Independence, and the preamble to the Constitution.


Additionally, they delve into the scientific process as they select a Science fair project in either physical or life Science. They conduct trials as they test their hypotheses, research their topics, and draw conclusions based on their findings.

A significant area of focus for the sixth graders is their Jewish history and World War II study. They read two novels centered on World War II. The first novel is Number the Stars, and the other is The Hiding Place. The sixth graders enjoy writing and performing a video book report on Number the Stars and experiencing Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year’s celebration. They also enjoy Hanukkah and building their own hiding place in the classroom as they read The Hiding Place. They spend two days taking on separate characters of a Jew and a Gentile who are raided by the Gestapo and face persecution and uncertainty during these times. The sixth graders also visit the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, which is a very sobering and meaningful experience. The school year ends with the students reading Across Five Aprils, which allows them to wrestle with the difficulties our nation went through during the Civil War. These novels and experiences lead to insightful discussions and help the sixth graders grow in their understanding of how God works in difficult circumstances and our responses when events around us are contrary to His ways.


The sixth graders also have the opportunity to compete in many ACSI events such as Spelling Bee, Speech Meet, Math Olympics, and Science Fair. They compete at both the district and area levels and excel in the talents that God has given them! 


We love our sixth graders! They lead our school well and are wonderful examples to our younger students as they develop into the young men and women that God is growing them up to be.

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