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Student Life

Student Life

Student activities are an integral component of a child’s comprehensive educational program. All extracurricular activities promote the Scofield Christian School’s philosophy of Christian education. Activities provide unique opportunities for students to discover and enhance interests and talents. Scofield Christian School’s extracurricular program is balanced between fine arts, academics, and interest-based activities. Sponsors and coaches instill Christian sportsmanship and focus on Godly character development.

  • ACSI Art Festival
  • ACSI Choral Festival
  • ACSI Math Olympics
  • ACSI Science Fair
  • ACSI Speech Meet
  • ACSI Spelling Bee
Here is a list of the  camps we offered in 2019:  
  • Mrs. Pittman’s Creative and Cultural Art Camp
  • Wonderful Week of Seuss! with Mrs. Thurman
  • Handwriting Camp
  • Summer Tennis Camp with Randall Ross Tennis
  • Dance by White Rock Dance
  • Intro to STEM with LEGO by Play-Well
  • STEM Challenge with LEGO by Play-Well
  • JEDI Engineering with LEGO by Play-Well
  • JEDI Masters with Lego by Play-Well

Click here to learn about piano lessons with Karen Gustafson.

Click here to read the Parent Packet for dance lessons.

Extracurricular Programs