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Spiritual Life

Chapel and spiritual formation

SCS participates in student-led collective worship every Wednesday morning. Chapel services highlight a different Honorable Character Quality on a monthly basis. At the end of the school year, each student is awarded a character quality certificate based on what the teacher has observed as growth in the student throughout the year. Because the Bible is one of our core subjects within the curriculum, students are taught the importance of reading God’s Word, Bible memorization, and Bible study. Students participated in a Biblically based anti-bullying program and the 6th graders participated in an abstinence program. Christian leadership training is provided for our 6th-grade students at various camps.

A Biblical worldview is evident in all of Scofield Christian School’s educational programs and business practices. Every year SCS adopts a missionary family. They are highlighted in our weekly newsletter. We sponsor several events to raise money for their support. Each homeroom class is also expected to participate in a community outreach such as ministering to the elderly or needy families.

Throughout the year, students have opportunities to share Christ through music or drama. It is our hope that Scofield students will believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God, have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, develop a Bibliocentric worldview, develop and practice Christian Character qualities, and discover the importance of developing a personal prayer life. SCS experiences very few discipline referrals due to strong and consistent spiritual formation emphasis at home and school.

Chapel Scenes

Honorable Character