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Private Christian School in Dallas, TX

Celebrating 62 Years of Excellence

Cultivating Academic Excellence & Christian Character

Scofield Christian School is the premier Pre-K through 6th-grade Christian school in Dallas, Texas.

Scofield Christian School has been partnering with families since 1961. Together, we provide children with an academically challenging education that’s well balanced and comprehensive. Best of all, it’s integrated with biblical truths within a nurturing, Christ-centered environment.

Scofield Christian School in Dallas sinc

60+ years of excellence

Experienced Christian Education Teachers

300 years combined teaching experience

Enrollment at Scofield Christian School.

270+ total enrollment

Chromebooks in school at Scofield Christ

Every Kindergarten through 6th-grade student receives an iPad or Chromebook

100% of students have recess every day a

100% of students are provided with recess daily

The Academic Levels Offered at Our Private Christian School


How Do Parents Feel About Our Christian School?

Our private christian school is thriving because we provide a safe, joyful, & nurturing academic space for our students. But you don't have to take our word for it! Read our testimonials to discover how our parents feel about us.

Provide Your Child with Nationally Recognized Christian Education

At Scofield Christian School, we’re nationally recognized for our advanced, wholesome, and collaborative approach to Christian education.

We educate students from Pre-K through 6th Grade to ensure that young minds receive the education that Christian families deserve, desire, and expect.

To learn more about the advantages of educating your child at our private christian school, contact us today.

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