Continuous Enrollment

Scofield Chrisitan School utilizes a Continuous Enrollment concept for students enrolled in our school. After you enroll your student(s) for the first year, their information will roll from year to year in our FACTS Student Information and Financial Systems. Because the majority of our families re-enroll, this streamlines the enrollment process by reducing time and paperwork for parents and the school staff. Changes/updates to student and family information may be made through our Scofield app or on a web browser at any time.

New families will find the Continuous Enrollment process described in the Financial Agreement section of their online enrollment packet. After the enrollment packet is submitted, the paperwork obligation ends, and you will never have to worry about it again!

Every school year, parents will be given the opportunity to opt-out of Continuous Enrollment for the following school year by completing the electronic Opt-Out Form through the Scofield app or on their web browser by February 15. After that time, families will be automatically re-enrolled for the following school year.  Pre-K families will need to take the extra step of submitting their desired class schedule, also through the Scofield app or browser, but that's it. We will charge a modest $150 enrollment fee on February 15, which represents your commitment to Scofield for the next year. 


To learn more about the Continous Enrollment process, please review the following Frequently Asked Questions:

Continuous Enrollment FAQs

Why Continuous Enrollment?

The online re-enrollment process was time consuming for families and the school office. All this work was for information that rarely changes from year to year and was mainly designed to require parents review the paperwork and collect the re-enrollment fee. We learned other private schools have moved to Continuous Enrollment and love it. We began analyzing the redundant re-enrollment process and realized that we could move to Continuous Enrollment and save everyone time.

I have no plans to change schools—and almost everybody comes back every year anyway. Can’t I just stay at Scofield Christian School until I notify the school otherwise?

Yes - that’s the whole idea! If your plans change, simply fill out the Opt-Out form to notify the office and we remove your student from the re-enrollment records. We hope that you will always discuss plans with Dr. Tucker or the office, especially if there is anything we can do to help your family with their education plans.

When will this take place?

The Continuous Enrollment Agreement will be available before Thanksgiving break and can be submitted up until February 15, 2022. The same timeframe applies to the Opt-Out Form. For planning purposes, we want to get a strong idea of our student population by February so we can begin the hiring, budgeting, and the space planning process for the following year.

How will I know my student(s) is re-enrolled?

This year, as the office receives each Continuous Enrollment Agreement, the student’s status for next year will be marked Finished in the system. The office will send you an email thanking you for submitting the contract and confirming your student’s grade placement. You can also verify the status by logging into the FACTS Family Portal and following the links under Enrollment/Reenrollment until you reach the Enrollment packet page. You will see it marked as Finished for 2022-2023.

After this year, what will the re-enrollment period look like?

After this year, all current families will have submitted the one-time Continuous Enrollment Agreement and new families will have signed up for it in their online Enrollment packet. In November 2022, you will receive an email with the updated Tuition Schedule and a notification that the Opt-Out period has begun and will last until February 15, 2023. If you do not submit an Opt-Out Form, there is nothing at all for you to do unless you are a Pre-K family. Pre-K families will need to select their student’s next year schedule through Forms on the Scofield App by February 15, 2023, but preferably as soon as they know it so we can build class schedules. On February 15, 2023 all current families will be automatically re-enrolled in the FACTS Student Information and Financial systems. The $150 re-enrollment fee will be charged to their FACTS Incidental Billing account to represent their commitment to the following school year. Letters will be generated confirming re-enrollment and class placement.

How will I make changes to my student(s) information that were made in the re-enrollment packet?

Instead of asking you to review and possibly make changes once a year to student and family information, all of it will be accessible 24x7 on the Scofield App under Forms or through FACTS Family Portal under Web Forms. If you make a change, it will be submitted for approval to the school office; there may be a 12 to 24-hour delay. You will be contacted if there are any questions about the change.

*For urgent requests, such as adding a new transportation pick up or a medical issue, call the office directly at 214-349-6843 and the change will be made immediately.*

I’m a Pre-K parent. What if I need to change by student’s next year schedule after February 15?

We ask that you make your best guess for a schedule, but we understand that can change for a variety of reasons at the early ages. The morning schedule is the most important piece because that is how we determine class loads. If you need to add or subtract an afternoon or two between February – May, please contact the Pre-School Director to approve your request. Please understand that we make plans based on what we receive by February 15 and request minimal changes. We can grant a deadline extension for Pre-K parents who truly need more time, but schedule placement cannot be guaranteed until received, as we will be simultaneously enrolling new families.

Do we still pay a re-enrollment fee?

Yes, we will charge $150 annually to help cover the administrative expenses and confirm your commitment to the following school year. We reserve the right to adjust this fee slightly up or down as appropriate in ensuing years.

The $150 re-enrollment fee will be invoiced through FACTS Incidental Billing on February 15 each year and will auto-draft on February 25, according to FACTS billing parameters. You will receive an email with the invoice on February 15.

How will I be notified of my FACTS tuition charges each year?

After the February 15 re-enrollment, the school office will begin the process of calculating tuition for each student and adding it FACTS accounts for the following school year. Preliminary tuition statements will be sent after February 15 as they are completed. Everyone should receive one by March 30. Once received, you may request that we make changes to the payment plan until May 1 when they will need to be finalized for payments to begin in June. Changes to Pre-K schedules must be approved by the Pre-School Director before adjustments to tuition can be made.

I’m worried about finances; how will I know if I can afford Scofield tuition in future years?

Every year you have the opportunity to apply for financial aid through FACTS Grant & Aid. The portal is open from November – January 31. An application needs to be submitted each year, even if your family has received aid in the past. You may access the portal at: FACTS Grant & Aid charges a $35 fee to each family applying.

How do we notify the school if we are not planning to return the following year?

If you know for certain that your student will not be returning next year, please submit the Opt-Out form as soon as you know or by February 15, latest. Your student will be withdrawn from the re-enrollment records and your FACTS account will be suspended for the following year. We hope that you will always discuss plans with Dr. Tucker or the office, especially if there is anything we can do to help with your decision.

But what about unique circumstances? I’m planning on keeping my kids at Scofield, but what if God has other plans for my family?

We understand that life takes other turns than what we had imagined, so we’ve built flexibility into this contract. During each annual Opt-Out period you can notify Scofield that you’re not planning to return next year, without any penalty or difficulty, by submitting the Opt-Out Form. After February 15, if you decide to leave Scofield for personal reasons, you will be responsible for your tuition just as you are under our current contract. This is because Scofield must hire teachers and purchase classroom materials for your child beginning in late spring and early summer, and we rely closely on the enrollment numbers produced each spring. However, if the February 15 deadline passes and then you find you must leave due to major life changes and unforeseen circumstances, our Board will review your unique situation on a case-by-case basis.

What is Continuous Enrollment?

Continuous Enrollment is a simple one-time process. Once you sign your Continuous Enrollment Agreement, you’ll never have to deal with re-enrollment again. Behind the scenes, we will roll your student’s re-enrollment records from year to year in the FACTS Student Information and Financial Systems, and you can tweak your payment plan if desired. You will be part of the Scofield community until graduation or until you tell us otherwise, plus your student’s place in their class will be secure each year. If plans change for your family, you will have until February 15 every year to simply notify the school and face absolutely no penalty.

What does this mean for new families?

New families will approve the Continuous Enrollment language within the Financial Agreement section of the online Enrollment packet when they enroll their student(s). The Continuous Enrollment language is an addition and not a change to the existing financial agreement language.

Who do I speak to if I have questions or concerns?

For questions about Continuous Enrollment, please contact Lisa Moreno at or 214-349-6843.

Continuous Enrollment

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