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What are the regular school hours?

Currently, our arrivals and dismissals are staggered to allow for social distancing.

During a non-Covid school year, school starts at 8:15 a.m. Students may arrive as early as 7:45 a.m. and participate in DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time. During Covid protocols being in place we are staggering school start and dismissal times. School start and dismissal times are as follows:

  • Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten Full Day: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  • Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten Half Day: 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

  • First - Sixth Grade: 8:15 - 3:30 p.m.

Our Pre-K program is the entry to Scofield Christian School. We desire that Pre-K students attend for the duration of the school day, five days a week, to build the foundation for the journey of learning as a Scofield Soldier.

All students of Scofield Christian School may register for our After School Care program. 

Decisions for the 2021-22 schedule have not been made at this time.


Is Scofield Christian School meeting virtually or in-person for the 2020-2021 school year?

We are offering on-campus learning and virtual learning options for our students. Please review our Learning Plan for 2020 to learn of the precautions we are taking for on-campus learning.


What is the overall size of the school?

Scofield has over 180 students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade for the 2020-2021 school year.


Is there a dress code at Scofield?

Yes. Students are to wear the required school uniforms. Uniforms are to be purchased directly through Land's End. Scofield does have a uniform resale page on Facebook, where there is the opportunity to purchase used uniforms.

Can I visit the campus?

We are currently welcoming potential new families the opportunity to tour our school by appointment only. We are also holding virtual events allowing families to speak with Dr. Tucker, Scofield's Head of School, and Christine Forbes, Director of Preschool. To be notified about our admissions events, please email us at admissions@scofieldchristian.org or go to our Visit page to learn more.


What is required to apply to Scofield Christian School?

Details with our application requirements can be found on our Apply page.


Once my child is enrolled, do I have to re-apply each year?

You do not need to submit another application once a child is enrolled at Scofield. However, parents do need to re-enroll their children before March 1st for the next school year and pay the re-enrollment fee of $175 if before March 1; $250 after March 1.


We love Scofield, but we can't afford the tuition?

Financial assistance is given based on a family's demonstrated financial need following the guidelines established by FACTS. Please contact Admissions, at admissions@scofieldchristian.org or (214) 349-6843 with questions regarding Scofield's financial assistance.


Do we have to repay the financial aid award?

No. Tuition assistance is in the form of grants and doesn't have to be repaid.


What junior high school will my child attend?

Your choice of a junior high school reflects your personal preference and your child and family's evolving needs and interests. Our sixth-grade graduates thrive and excel at a wide range of junior high schools. The important thing to remember is that Scofield students are well-prepared for the rigors and workload of the junior high school of their choice.


Why does Scofield not go past sixth grade?

Our pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade model offers us an opportunity for focused expertise on early-childhood through early-adolescent Christian education. 


Does Scofield provide learning support?

Scofield Christian School is committed to high-quality academic instruction. We incorporate research-based best practices into our curriculum for the success of all students. We focus on differentiated instruction within the classroom to meet the learning styles and needs of our students. In addition to differentiation in the classroom, Scofield has Learning Specialists available to families to support students and teachers. If you feel your student needs additional private support outside the regular classroom, please contact the child's teacher or the Scofield office.


Are teachers available for academic assistance?

Every teacher at Scofield is committed to helping students reach their academic potential. Our teachers are available for parent conferences throughout the year - by appointment only - to discuss ways the parent and teacher can help them reach their potential in the classroom.

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