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Service Learning

Scofield Christian School weaves service opportunities into our curriculum and schedules as our students strive to make a positive difference across various communities. We believe our pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade programs are uniquely effective in preparing students to meet future challenges, and service-learning is an essential piece of that preparation.
Service-learning is a long-standing tradition at Scofield Christian School and is an important component of our curriculum and community. Scofield students take part in a myriad of service projects. 

In 3rd grade, the students have the opportunity to become involved in Scofield Christian School's Missions Committee. The students identify a need in the community or internationally and develop a program for the school to raise money. At the end of the year, the funds raised are giving to the person, family, or charity the students have identified to support them in their mission of doing good for our world.

At Christmas time, first grades visit a local assisted-living facility to decorate their doors and sing Christmas carols.

Second graders assemble packages for Operation Christmas Child to send around the world to bless children in their same age group. They pray for the children that will receive the shoebox full of fun things and necessary items and then track the package to see where in the world it lands! It's fun to see where the packages end up! 

In May, the third grade's service project is Shoes for Orphan Souls, a humanitarian project organized by Buckner Children's Home to provide new shoes and socks to orphan and vulnerable children in the United States. 

Fourth Grade also participates in Shoes for Orphan Souls in the spring semester. 

The 5th-grade class is heavily involved in the Missions Committee throughout the year as well as Operation Christmas Child.

As the oldest students our sixth graders are looked up to for their leadership on Missions Committee and as a Reading Buddy to the Kindergarten and Pre-K classes.

Scofield works to support students in developing perspective by learning context and background about their task and the people they serve for all service-learning opportunities. A genuine understanding of the work they are doing helps to place it in a real-world and more meaningful light and helps create engaging and thought-provoking conversations before, during, and after each service act.

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