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Scofield Christian School Board

Pastor Adam Griffin

Dr. Adam Griffin is the Lead Pastor of Eastside Community Church. He is married to Chelsea and they have three children who attend Scofield Christian School.

Dr. Traci Tucker

Dr. Traci Tucker is the Head of School for Scofield Christian School. She has been a Christian educator for over 30 years. She and her husband, Jim, have three grown children who were raised in Christian schools.

Mr. Seth Atkins

Mr. Chris Bovenkamp

Mr. Chris Bovenkamp is a lawyer by profession and is married to Julie. Over the past 15 years, they have had five children graduate from Scofield and one is currently attending.

Dr. Kelli Brizzolara

Dr. Kelli Brizzolara and her husband Jeff are both professors of Physical Therapy. They have one child attending Scofield and two who have graduated from Scofield.

Mr. Dean Zimmerman

Mr. Dean Zimmerman works in information technology. He and his wife Connie have been members of Scofield Church since 1984. Their two children graduated from Scofield, where Connie is currently a substitute teacher.

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