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Important Forms

Welcome to the Important Forms page. Here you will find links to important Scofield forms you may need. Click on the buttons below to view and print the corresponding document. Forms should be submitted to or you may upload them here, at the bottom of this page.

This form must be on file in the main office for Scofield Christian School to be authorized to administer medication to your child at school. A separate form must be completed for each medication. To view our policies on medication at school, please click here.

This form authorizes that your child has permission to attend field trips that are off-campus and require travel. This form must be on file for each field trip for each child. Your child's teacher may also send this form home prior to a class field trip or off-campus event. 

Occassionally for field trips we utilize parent drivers to transport teachers and children to and from the field trip location. This form must be on file and re-submitted every year. If you have a violation in the two most recent years, you may attend the field trip and drive your own child, but you may not transport other children in the class.

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