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Second Grade

In second grade at Scofield, students build confidence in their academic abilities, which fosters the desire to discover their world. They are eager to learn and explore how things work and the concepts of quantity and time. Reading, writing, and creating stories in second grade is terrific, but the student's favorite is learning how to write in cursive during the spring semester.

Our students learn to appreciate their friends' individual qualities. Our teachers provide a magnitude of opportunities for the children to learn and grow, including encouraging a robust moral compass through our Honorable Character education program.

Second graders attend Art, Music, Library, Technology, Science, Spanish, and Physical Education each week. 

Exciting events and special programs are an integral part of second grade. Students learn about their community, which involves the creative building of a favorite part of it, plus virtual field trips to Dallas City Hall and the Fire Training Academy in McKinney.  The second-grade Discovery Day coincides with a unit study of Pioneers and the Westward Expansion; students don pioneer outfits, load up the wagons, and head out on an imaginary Oregon Trail – departing from Independence, Missouri, and arriving at Oregon City, Oregon. Along the trail, students learn about medicine used during that time and how to track animals, cook lunch over a campfire, make bean bags for fun, and learn a traditional barn dance. It is a great way to experience some of what life might have been like on the trail.


Second-grade field trips include ice skating, an “at school” visit by the DMA, and a spring visit to the zoo. Second graders play a large role in the Veteran’s Day/Grandparent’s Day Chapel, the annual Christmas program, and the spring musical.

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